Public Relations

Every day we see examples of companies and organizations that are the subject of negative publicity for something they did or didn’t do. Sometimes, organizations are not the subject of good publicity or bad, they are entirely off the radar screen with no one paying attention to the good work they are doing. Liz Boyd Public Relations will provide you with services and strategies that can enhance your reputation and help you gain the positive attention you deserve. Get connected with your target audiences. Learn to understand them and help them to know you better. Liz Boyd Public Relations can help because we are committed to your success.

Crisis Communications

Unexpected and unplanned events happen every day. They can cripple an organization so it is essential to be prepared. Strategic planning can identify potential crises and help you avoid them before they happen. If and when the unexpected occurs, a crisis communications plan can help minimize the short and long-term impact on you and your organization.

Media Relations & Media Training

Do you have a great story to tell, a product to sell or an issue you want to advocate? Liz Boyd Public Relations has the experience to help you spread the word and make your case. We can also help you become more confident in telling your story using traditional and new media. Going face-to-face with reporters can be a daunting experience but with a little training you can become more successful in communicating your key messages.

Project Management

Sometimes you need to hit the public relations ground running. If you don’t have a communications team in place or your existing team is stretched to its limits, Liz Boyd Public Relations can manage short and long-term projects, supplement the work of your existing team, and serve as your spokesperson when needed.